Ornaments To Go Kit (SCS)

Ornaments To Go Kit (SCS)


Ornaments To Go Kits are the perfect addition to your holiday celebration! Whether you give it as a gift or buy a kit to share with your family to paint together, these handmade ornaments are a treasure to be shared with generations to come.


Each kit includes 4 ornaments (you choose the designs), paints, and brushes. You can also purchase children's disposable aprons for $0.50/each.


You can only order one ornament kit (with 4 ornaments) at a time. To order multiple kits, you will need to complete all information requested, and then click the "Add to Cart" button. From your cart, you can click on the ornament thumbnail image to return to this listing. Repeat process for as many ornament kits as you would like. Click here to return to the SCS Holiday Fundraiser main page.


See the images for the available ornaments. You can select up to 4 designs (do not have to be from the same collection). In the textbox below, please type which ornament designs and how many of each you would like in your box.