You can paint this piece with either glazes (must be kiln fired at The Studio after painting) or acrylic paints.


If you choose acrylics, you will be provied with pre-selected colors and 2 brushes.


If you chooce glazes, you will be provided with one 1 oz cup of glaze for the base color and three small pods (3 ml) of glaze for detail colors. You can choose the colors from the  PYOP Glaze Colors chart (last image). If you want to paint your piece like the sample pictured, type SAMPLE below. Click here to order additional glaze colors. 


If you are using glazes, you cannot use brushes that have been used for anything except pottery; it will cause your glaze to crawl when fired. You can borrow a set of brushes from The Studio ($10 refundable deposit) or you can purchase your own brush set for $9.49. Click here to purchase or borrow a brush set. 


After your order is placed, The Studio will contact you and let you know when your order will be ready for pick-up. If you are interested in shipping, please call The Studio.