Adopt a Penguin To Go Kit

Adopt a Penguin To Go Kit


The Studio's annual Adopt a Penguin program is a fundraiser for our community animal rescue organizations. Thank you for helping us support this cause!


Penguins vary in cost:

  • Charlie, Mumble, Marie, and friends are $20 each
  • Sparkle and friends are $28 each
  • Frosty is $42


This kit comes with one 1 oz cup of black glaze and one 1 oz cup of white glaze for the base colors and one small pod (3 ml) of red, blue, and yellow (which can be mixed to get other colors). You may also choose other colors from those shown in the PYOP Glaze Colors chart (last image). Click here to order additional glaze colors. 


You cannot use brushes that have been used for anything except pottery; it will cause your glaze to crawl when fired. You can borrow a set of brushes from The Studio ($10 refundable deposit) or you can purchase your own brush set for $9.49. 


After your order is placed, The Studio will contact you and let you know when your order will be ready for pick-up. If you are interested in shipping, please call The Studio.